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Links with Primary Schools

Transition at Year 6

The transition from primary to secondary school is an artlink1important one and we know how challenging the move can be. We therefore provide a lot of support for students, every step of the way.

Students from our main feeder primary schools are invited to participate in a range of activities and taster sessions at our College throughout Key Stage 2. Every student who gains a place at Sir Jonathan North is met by the Head of Year 7 and the entire year group is invited to spend a full day at College at the end of Year 6. The year group then participates in a full induction programme when they start Year 7.

To view the Programme of Support for Year 6 to 7 Transition please click here

Art Links with Primary Schools

Over the last five years, the Art department at SJNCC has developed very positive links with the Art artlink1coordinator at each of our five main feeder Primary schools. (Montrose, Avenue, Overdale, Knighton and Granby). Through these links we aim to support the key Primary staff who deliver Art or, co ordinate Art, in their school. On request, Art resource packs can be tailor made to the specific needs of a year group, helping non specialist staff to deliver the Art curriculum.
We acknowledge the staff skills and knowledge present in the Primary schools and by working with them it helps our staff to appreciate the Primary point of view. We hope to develop these links further so Primary schools can use our excellent facilities to widen opportunities for their pupils.

We offer workshops in 2D and 3D Art at SJNCC so groups artlink3can experience a wider range of Art than might otherwise be possible in their own school. Schools can send groups to work in our Digital Art suite to learn how to manipulate images using Adobe Photoshop. These workshops have been very popular and for those pupils who come to us in Year 7, it has made the transition to secondary school less daunting.

In previous years pupils (ranging from year 2 to year 6) from Montrose, Granby, Knighton, Avenue and Overdale Primary schools have enjoyed working in the D18 Art room as part of our Primary Links programme. Themes for the workshops have included The Tudors, Clay Faces, World War II, Figures in Action and Greek Ruins! Our selected year 9 students helped prepare the materials, set out equipment and helped Primary pupils during the morning session. These students will earn credit towards their Arts Award which many are taking at Silver level.

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