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Extra Curricular

MusicIn Music there are opportunities at KS3 & 4 to participate in the following extra-curricular activities at SJNCC;
1. You could come along and sing in the College Choir, which meets every Friday lunchtime form 1.20pm in D4
2. You could come along and play your clarinet/ flute/ saxophone/recorder/ violin /cello etc. in the College Orchestra which will meet every Wednesday form 3pm till 4pm in the Main Hall
3. You could join a keyboard group at lunchtimes in D4 and D7

KS4 students may also do extended and extra-curricular work involving performance or computer-based composition at lunchtimes with Ms Paris in D7

Instrumental Tuition

Students interested in having individual or paired lessons with Arts in Education Tutors on orchestral instruments or on the guitar may do so in College time, though these lessons are charged at £28 per hour . We will give a 10% discount on your lesson prices, and fund 50% of the cost if you have passed Grade 5 or more. Students on the FSM register will be fully funded for instrumental lessons.

We have a Music Concert every year, and plan some assembly performances and lunchtime ensembles over the year. Please speak to Ms Paris for more details about any of these opportunities.

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