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Learning Resource Centre

Learning Resource CentreThe Learning Resources Centre [LRC] provides for an extension of the classroom learning experience with an emphasis on reading, research, ICT and problem solving. The centre supports the delivery of the curriculum through resources to support student learning; facilities for study, help, advice and support for students and staff; a homework support club once a week.

We are located on the 1st floor of the main college building, next to the staff room, putting the LRC at the centre of the college and provides for a flexible range of working areas and study environments including quiet and silent study, computer areas, photocopying facilities, printers, scanner, a bits box containing stationery which the students can use whilst working in the LRC.

The LRC is staffed by the Learning Resources Center Manager.

Opening times are Monday to Friday – 8.00 am -3.30 pm

SJNCC Library System Logon

Please click here to access the 'SJNCC Library Logon'.


  • Books - around 4040 non-fiction and 1018 fiction
  • 30 NetBooks – with internet access and Microsoft office
  • Careers section - includes information on courses and books on interview skills and CV writing and college prospectuses
  • Reference resources – to be used in the LRC only.
  • Newspapers, journals and magazines
  • GCSE/ Key Stage 3 and 4 Revision Section
  • Local studies section
  • Audio CD's
  • DVD's
  • CD-Roms
  • Staff library
  • Reading for Confidence – this section has multiple copies of easy read books to help build confidence in reading, to be used in the library only
  • Family Learning section – Board/Game books to read with siblings
  • The Catalogue - all the resources held in the LRC are included on the library computer catalogue.  There is also a printed version available from the LRC reception desk

Modules for learning about research and independent learning

LRC Connect. What is referencing?

How To Find Information In Books
How To Find Information From Maps
How To Find Information In Dictionaries
How To Find Information In Directories
How To Find Information In Encyclopaedias
How To Reference Or Write A Bibliography
How To Scan And Skim Information
Library Keywords
Some useful English Websites
Dewey Decimal Classification

Online Information Skills
Online Information Skills Understanding the Internet
Online Information Skills Staying Safe and Secure
Online Information Skills Being Webwise
Online Information Skills Searching and Retrieving Information
Online Information Skills Evaluating and Validating Information
Online Information Skills Acknowledging the Creators
Online Information Skills SJNCC's Useful Hyperlinks

Reading Links:

Book Trust's-Book-Lists
Love Reading

Guardian Childrens Books
Guardian Childrens Books

The Zone

Reading Matters

Proquest Historical Newspapers:
The Guardian (1821-2003) and The Observer (1791-2003)


This Linklog, aka blog, has been created to inspire you to read from various genres of literature. This blog has links to SJNCC student reviews, comments, book trailers, author trailers and movie trailers to help motivate, encourage and make you enthusiastic about language, literacy and reading. An ICT consultant I know said to me regarding this Linklog 'I often find that film trailers make me buy books'.
I hope you find the postings and reviews here useful and inspiring, sending you to your nearest library!

You can write your own review of something you have read and want to share with others. Get a form, fill it in and return it or email it to Mrs. Vyas. If you do not want to write a review, you can always leave a comment on the Linklog. When you have done 25 reviews which have been published on the blog, you will get a reward from Mrs. Vyas.

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."
Dr. Seuss,IN ' I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!'


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