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Arts Award

arts award imageThe Arts Award course offers an exciting opportunity for them to extend their creative skills and artistic horizons, whatever their interest or talents. The Arts Award is an accredited qualification offered at levels 1, 2 & 3 (Bronze, Silver & Gold) on the National Qualifications Framework which supports young people in their development as Artists and Arts leaders. Taking part in an Arts Award helps young artists to develop their creative skills and their ability to communicate well and lead projects. An Arts Award is also useful for getting future further education opportunities or jobs – in the Arts and in other fields. Each year after all the successful candidates have passed their award, we hold an annual Celebration evening at the college to present the students with their certificates and display all of their work.

There are 4 main areas that the students will be involved in:

Taking part in an Arts Activity – This can include any Arts Activity they enjoy and want to improve their skills and extend their interest in. You can do anything that counts as art…….Animation, digital art, architecture, landscapes, environments, ceramics, craft, design, fine art, graphic art, illustration, live art, moving image, film & video, photography, public art.

Going to an Arts event – Attending at least one Arts event. Recording their views and collecting information, tickets & programmes and sharing these with others.

Arts Heroes and Heroines – Researching an Artist or Arts practitioner that they admire and researching the story of their life and work.

Arts Apprenticeship – Sharing their skills and interest with the rest of the group by helping to run a workshop or presenting to others.

The Arts Award will continue to run every year as Sir Jonathan North has now become an Arts Award Centre. If you were unable to take part in this year’s Arts Award, there will be another opportunity for more students next year.

Miss Rhodes – Art Teacher & Arts Awards Advisor

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Clubs and Activitieswebcam

The art department run a variety of extra-curricular activities including a 2D and 3D art club and a digital art club at lunchtimes and after school on tuesdays.

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