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The Young Americans at Sir Jonathan North 2012

160 students from 14 schools across Leicester City and County came together for ‘The Young Americans Workshop’ for a whole weekend from 16 - 18 March. The musical outreach event culminated in a show on the Sunday evening to friends and families of all participants. The 44 Young Americans were hosted by students and staff from across the Sir Jonathan North and Guthlaxton Colleges. It was a memorable weekend and some students have written about what they liked about it. I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who helped in any way to ensure this event was such an amazing success.

Mrs Thornber

Young Americans

Student Responses

“The Young Americans Workshop’ in March 2012 was a great chance to express our creativity. It gave us good opportunities to make new friends and build confidence. Even though it was only for a few days we learned a lot of new songs and dances which we will remember forever. Hidden talents and skills were unleashed. The Young Americans were so friendly and made us feel welcome no matter who we were. We felt like a family for a few days. We hope to re-live another ‘Young Americans Outreach Workshop in the future and encourage even more people to join in. The whole weekend was life - changing and it helped us to find confidence we did not know we had.”

Lucie Malcom, Lucie Sands and Esme Mc Neill

Young Americans

For further information on the Young Americans please visit their website at

The Young Americans at Sir Jonathan North 2011

The weekend finally arrived after a number of months of planning and anticipation. 177 students from Sir Jonathan North and many other primary and secondary schools across Leicester were involved. The weekend consisted of performance workshops in dance, drama, music, drawing and poetry writing. This culminated in an extremely high powered and high energy performance on Sunday evening to a very appreciative audience.

Students had a weekend that they will never forget. Parents and staff were totally involved in the event by home staying the Young Americans, and helping and taking part in the workshops. Some even were persuaded to dance and sing on stage as part of the performance. A truly memorable time was had by all.
Mrs Thornber

Student Responses

The Young Americans have given us an absolutely amazing weekend and a great experience. If I had the chance to do it all again I would take it in a heart beat. They are amazingly talented and highly inspirational.’
Aliya Egbewo

‘After spending the weekend with the Young Americans they have really taught us that anything is possible, you just have to believe. They treated every single one of us equally and gave us the opportunity to shine (like when I was given a live solo). They constantly had a positive attitude no matter what, which I thought was impossible until I met them. The weekend was full of energy, fun, laughter and dancing, singing, poetry, art and even a little drama. It was nothing like I imagined and they have really inspired me to believe anything is possible if you work hard and believe no matter what other people say. It was truly amazing and I cannot wait for the next time.’
Patience Kandare

‘The Young Americans are amazing people who taught me how to be positive and have inspired me to chase my dreams and be a better person. Without them I would not have been able to believe in myself. They have taught me in life you have to love yourself for you to love others. They will always have a special place in my heart.’
Nyasha Garati

‘The Young Americans for me was the best three days of my life. On the first day we did our first dance. I found it difficult but then got the hang of it. They made us sing as well which I found enjoyable even though I can’t sing! We met some really nice people, even the ones you see in school every day you start to get to know who they are. When it was the last day people did not want it to end because it came so quick and they started to cry. The best bit for me was when the parents and teachers got involved and started singing. When Curtis started singing everyone went crazy because he sounded so good. I will miss the young Americans like Raoul, Spider, Joe, Britney and Steven and I would love to do it again next year.’
Leah Deazle

‘The thing I enjoyed was the dancing. The Young Americans were very friendly and introduced me to different things I’ve never experienced before. They got us all up and moving. The main thing I loved about the workshop was that it made me a lot more confident and more energetic. They all seemed so lively and whenever they saw you uncomfortable or not so confident they boosted you. The singing was also fun as it was so different.’
Ubaah Abdi




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