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SSAT National Award for Middle Leaders (NAML)

A nationally accredited course for new or aspiring middle leaders.

Middle leaders have an essential role in translating the school’s vision into practice and are often described as the ‘engine room’ of school improvement. Outstanding schools have high-quality middle leaders and seek to continuously develop and build these individuals into high-performing teams.

National Award for Middle Leaders (NAML) offers a selection of modules which enable delegates to learn the foundations of successful leadership. The modules cover the key middle leadership responsibilities.

The programme is certificated by SSAT and provides routes to Masters level accreditation through the University of Nottingham and Lead Practitioner Accreditation.

The SJNCC NAML programme consists of five course modules delivering the foundations of successful leadership. Each module is designed as a two hour twilight training session and will run from 3:30-5:30.

The following twilight sessions will be held at Sir Jonathan North Community College:

Vision and values - Monday 23 January 2017
Developing your leadership approach - Thursday 9 March 2017
Building a high-performing team - Thursday 4 May 2017
Leading your team day-to-day - Tuesday 20 June 2017
Leading and managing innovation and change - Wednesday 20 September 2017.

Pricing: £300 for all five sessions or £80 per individual session.

NAML module content and objectives

Vision and values

• Recognise the importance of a vision, that it affects all a school or team does
• Consider the vision for the school, how this relates to its context, journey and stakeholder values
• Formulate and further develop your vision for your own area in light of the above
• Explore values as the source and underpinning of vision and moral purpose
• Reflect on your own personal and professional values

Developing your leadership approach

• Explore research into leadership styles and leadership characteristics, considering its implications for the practice of leadership in schools
• Analyse the link between leadership styles, leadership characteristics and their impact on the organisation and the staff who work there
• Consider the implications of this learning for your own immediate professional development in your role

Building a high-performing team

• Understand the characteristics of effective teams and why teams are important to organisations
• Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the team you currently lead
• Consider concepts and theories about effective teams
• Analyse the traits and behaviours of you and your team and how that can be managed to maximise performance

Leading your team day-to-day

• The day-to-day role(s) of the middle leader
• Develop a strategic approach to leadership and management
• Ensure effective use of time and decision making for both you and your teams in order to improve planning, prioritising and performance
• Understand how your personal leadership characteristics contribute to how you lead others
• Understand the benefits of preparation, planning and follow-up in meetings

Leading and managing innovation and change

• Reflect on the meaning of innovation and why it is important
• Understand the process change in order lead and manage more effectively
• Raising awareness of the main considerations for middle leaders leading in a period of rapid change
• Consider specifically the work of key writers about managing change
• Focus on the specific changes colleagues are currently leading and managing in their role, analyse the strategies they are currently using and consider how they may need to be modified and further developed.

To book please contact by Monday 16 January 2017.

Please click here for the SSAT National Award for Middle Leaders (NAML) flyer.


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