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TextilesFashion Show

Members of Staff and Roles/Responsibilities

Miss E Stanton Curriculum Team Leader Design Technology

Subject Overview

Garment construction skills and a wide range of textile decoration techniques are taught as part of project work in years’ 7, 8 and 9.  Students are taught about designing for sustainability and environmental issues associated with the Textiles industry. 

Students are taught about designing for different types of consumers with a range of approaches to textilescreative design work.  Year 8 and year 9 projects are cross curricular with Dance, Art and Science.  In the Summer term, Textiles students have the opportunity to take part and perform in Fashion shows in assemblies and in Sir Jonathan North’s ‘Summer Arts Festival’.  These shows are a celebration of students’ creative achievements and a chance to show off their finished garments as part of a choreographed Dance show. 

Students start the year by completing a range of health and safety activities, one which is logged and kept centrally by all staff at the beginning of the year. All students complete the competency exercises so that they can use the sewing machines safely.

The Textiles scheme of work is organised by strands from the national strategy. Each one is visited thoroughly; work is completed, assessed fed back and rewarded or concerns addressed and recorded. When all six strands are completed a range of design and make and focussed practical tasks and written tasks make up the rest of the years activities, building on what they have already gained experience in.

The girls use text books to help them compete tasks and keep all of their work in exercise books. These go home at the end of the year. Students work is assessed continuously during theory lessons and at the end of a module where N/C levels are awarded and recorded in the books.

Rewards come in the form of DT textiles merits and school merits. These are stored in sticker form in a page in their planner for rewards by the HOY at specific times of the year. We also find that the tracking and monitoring exercise serves as a reward. Those who get a post card home are rewarded by parents who I have been told are thrilled to receive notice of their daughters’ achievements.

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KS3 Structure

The girls are taught in mixed ability groups. They are allocated two DT lessons per week. They will visit two DT areas each week for the whole year. In year 7 and 8 they visited all four DT areas and re-visit two of the areas in year 9 to give them fresh experiences ready for GCSE options towards the end of year 9.

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KS3 Content


Hand stitches and techniques – floral corsage broach project
Machine skills and foundation dressmaking skills – ‘Be seen’ armband project


Design and make a bag with lining
Research designs from other cultures
Design and make a set of juggling balls



Design and make a cushion cover
Fashion designing using tailor’s dummy
Create a theme set as a fashion challenge

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Fashion Show

KS4 Option

YEAR 10 and 11

Coursework project

 Fashion ShowWho is it for?
This course would suit students with an aptitude for art, design and science and those who enjoy creative problem solving. It is ideal for people with an interest in fashion design, tailoring and dressmaking and surface pattern design. It caters for students interested in the commercial aspects of fashion design.

What will I study?

  • You will study a wide range of creative, practical and theoretical aspects of fashion and textile design.
  • You will study fibre and fabric science and technology and learn about how textile products are made from raw materials to high street product.
  • You will study current trends and designers, historical fashions and clothing from other cultures and learn to develop designs for your own garment.
  • You will study and experiment with a wide range of practical skills including textiles decoration techniques, fabric manipulation, dressmaking and tailoring, fabric testing and computer aided design. You will also be given the opportunity to use specialist machinery and equipment to develop textile products.
  • You will be taught how to critically analyse existing textile products to understand the characteristics of works produced in terms of fashion history, making techniques, industrial practice and target user groups.
  • You will also be taught market research techniques and how this research informs commercial decisions as part of the creative process.

How will I study?
You will produce a major coursework project over the two years of the course (worth 60% of final mark). You will work from a set brief and be introduced to a wide range of techniques through practical lessons which you can then apply to your own project work.
Critical analysis of products and academic knowledge will be developed through class discussion and written assignments in preparation for the final examination (40% of final mark).

What does the exam involve?
There is a two-hour paper which you will sit during your final term in Year 11. All aspects of textiles technology will be covered over the two-year course to help prepare for the exam.
You will prepare for the exam from a given theme. You will be provided with this theme ahead of the exam to allow time for thorough preparation and research.

Career opportunities
GCSE Textiles Technology can help you prepare for further study and training in art, design and science.

Additional Information

Essential life skills you will keep; How to use a sewing machine for home making and repairing or making clothes. How to put in a zip, select and care for fabrics used in a variety of products such as clothing and soft furnishings. Advanced decoration techniques and design and graphics skills including the use of computers and CAD/CAM. Industrial practices, legislation, quality control and scientific principles of textiles manufacture.

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Fashion Show        Fashion Show