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Design and Technology

Students at Sir Jonathan North will study Textiles, Food, Resistant Materials and Systems and Control including electronics at Key Stage 3.  The Design and Technology department has 4 purpose-built fully equipped workshops where students are taught for each subject area.  They are taught a short Health and Safety module when they begin their studies in each workshop and they will study 1 of the subject areas in 2 lessons per week with a rotation every 9 weeks so that all 4 specialist areas are covered over each academic year.  Students are given the opportunity to work on both short and longer projects in each subject area to maximise their opportunities for success and build on their subject skills as they develop. 

With their practical work, students are taught a wide range of both traditional craft skills and use of specialist equipment and machinery, including new technologies in Design and Technology such as the computer aided embroidery machine, laser cutter and 3D printer.  We encourage and support students with achieving their creative potential through regular structured assessments and individual constructive feedback with assessed work.

In year 7 all students will work on short ‘welcome’ projects at the beginning of the Autumn term.  The Design and Technology projects are designed to ease the transition for students from year 6 to year 7. 

In the Summer term of year 9, students will work on a short, focussed team challenge  to help ease the transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4. 

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