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Skills for Learning Skills for Life




Members of Staff

Miss D Pinger

Miss C Greaves


Curriculum Team Leader

Sir Jonathan North Community College seeks to identify and minimise barriers to learning and participation so as to enable all students to learn.  The College aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all students, including those with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities and to ensure full curriculum entitlement and access.  We are committed to maximum integration, commensurate with meeting individual needs and the highest quality of education for all students.  The quality of provision for care, support and guidance at the College was described by Ofsted as `Outstanding’.

Our work is guided by the new Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs, the Equality Act, Children and Young People’s Act, Removing Barriers to Achievements and Access to Education.  The policy of the College is to provide effective teaching and learning opportunities for successful learning experiences so as to empower students to work towards independent learning. We recognise that students with Special Educational Needs include those with:

  • cognition and learning difficulties
  • communication and interaction difficulties
  • sensory and physical difficulties
  • social, emotion and mental well-being needs.

The Skills for Learning, Skills for Life team works with other teams at the College to meet the individual needs of students.  This includes liaison with Learning Mentors, the Student Support Manager, the Positive Behaviour Team, Year Team Leaders, Curriculum Team Leaders, the Designated Teacher for Looked After Children and the Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented students.

The team also works closely with a range of outside agencies and provides a link with the Special Needs Teaching Service, Behaviour Support Team, Single Point of Contact Referral (which includes the services of the School Medical Officer, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech & language therapist), the Psychology Service, Educational Welfare Officer, EAL and Ethnic Minority Service (including Traveller Education) and the Hospital School.

The Skills for Learning, Skills for Life Team consists of 4 teachers and 10 Teaching Assistants. We have excellent accommodation with a suite of rooms and an office.  Team members work with specific curriculum teams in a variety of ways to support students with SEND.  This work includes small group or individual withdrawal to follow programmes of study, planning and delivering lessons collaboratively with mainstream teachers or providing in-class support for individuals or for groups in mainstream lessons.  Systems are in place to encourage joint planning, target-setting and evaluation of work carried out in mainstream classrooms.

Each curriculum team at Sir Jonathan North has a designated Key Teacher who is a part of a working group that meets once a term.  Key Teachers provide an additional link between Skills for Learning, Skills for Life Team  and subject teams. As part of their role, they raise awareness of SEND  issues via team meetings.  These representatives have opportunities toattend INSET and disseminate knowledge and skills to members of their team. 

All staff in the College are provided with a folder containing information about Students with Additional Needs and Student Information.  In addition, it has details regarding test results and provision for students who are on the Special Needs Register, including outside agency involvement.  There are lists to identify students who have Specific Learning Difficulties, students who have Medical Educational Plans and for those students who are on a Pastoral Support Programme, students who have ‘Access to Examination’ provision. The Skills for Learning Team is responsible for testing all students’ literacy, numeracy and non verbal skills; for analysing and disseminating data. 

In line with guidance contained in the new Code of Practice and the Children’s and Young People’s Act, parents and students are increasingly working in partnership with staff at the College.  Parents are encouraged to maintain close links with staff and reviews are completed for students on the SEN register at least twice per year.

The Skills for Learning Team plays an important role in raising achievement at the College and in supporting the pastoral needs of students.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) - Local Offer Leicester City Council
Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Policy
The Basic Skills Secondary Quality Mark

We are pleased to announce Quality Markthat, on the recommendation of our Local Authority, we have been awarded the Basic Skills Quality Mark, 10 year award.

To download the report please click here.


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