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Film Studies

Film Studies

GCSE Film Studies

Members of Staff and Roles/Responsibilities

Mr Sheldrake Assistant Principal and Teacher of English.

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GCSE Film Studies Overview

The Film Studies course introduces the technical aspects of filmmaking and looks in-depth at the whole production of film, from script-stage to the final produced piece. You will enjoy this course if you are interested in the media and how the film industry works, both in Hollywood and non-Hollywood films such as independent cinema.  It is aimed at students currently achieving a Level 4a/5c in English. 

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GCSE Film Studies Structure

You can gain a GCSE grade ranging from A* - G.

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GCSE Film Studies Content

YEAR 10 AND 11

The history of cinema
The preproduction and production of film
The technical aspects of film: sound, editing, camera shots and angles, lighting and visual effects
Genre filmmaking vs non-genre

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Additional Information

How will I study?

This is an academic subject so you still study using a mixture of classroom sessions and individual research.  You will need to be prepared to read widely and write essays which analyse micro-elements of filmmaking, such as how sound is used in a particular scene.

You will learn:

  • a variety of industry-standard techniques from script to filming through to post-production
  • how to analyse and evaluate the technical aspects of film
  • how to evaluate films with written reviews
  • how to produce a short extract of film

What exams are there?

All students will follow the full GCSE course. The course is split into two units, both of which are worth 50 per cent of your final mark. For Unit 1, you will produce 6 pieces of controlled assessment.  For unit 2, there are two exams, one focusing on Hollywood filmmaking techniques and one testing your knowledge and understanding of a set non-Hollywood film.

Career Information

Apart from enjoying the course and gaining an in-depth learning experience about a hugely popular form of media, GCSE Film Studies is a solid basis for many AS & A2 level subjects including Media Studies and Film Studies. Media is a rapidly-growing subject at most universities due to its popularity and because it is a growing industry.

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