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Specialist Science and Maths CollegeAstronaut lecturer

Science Faculty Mission Statement

To create a centre of excellence and innovation in Science Education within Leicestershire.

To develop, through our focus on Science and Maths, a passion for and interest in all knowledge and learning which will continue with our students throughout their lives.

To take advantage of national initiatives and competitions in the specialist subjects.

To extend the College's reputation as a centre of excellence by providing CPD opportunities in science and mathematics for partnership and local schools.

To raise student attainment by offering as wide a range of opportunities in science and mathematics.

To develop a distinctive identity in teaching and learning in the specialist subjects and to promote high quality, innovative teaching approaches in these subjects within the college, its partnership schools and the local community.

To develop a more appropriate curriculum at KS 3 and 4 to meet students' needs.

To develop the imaginative use of new technologies within the specialist subjects.

To establish working relationships with local and national organisations.

To ensure staff are at the leading edge of development both within their subject specialism and in the teaching of it.

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Science & Art Creative Lab - Workshop 1


The primary objective of this workshop was to combine art and science together creatively as an innovative learning tool. The first workshop took place in November with a group of 16 year 7 girls who individually combined both strengths in art and science.

From a Scientific perspective, we were concentrating on the overall understanding of different cellular forms something that year 7 study currently in the curriculum. The workshop began with the girls using the Digital Arts Centre to research into different types of cells concentrating on the ones which were more visually appealing and relevant to their learning. We then used these images of cells to develop designs that we could incorporate into pieces of Glass. This was illustrated using metal wire, copper, coloured glass, glass beads and mesh sandwiched between two pieces of clear glass and then fused together at a high temperature in the kiln.

The workshop introduced the girls to many of the practical techniques involved in using glass as a material to be creative with as well as giving them an understanding of the different cells they had researched. The girls worked hard and enthusiastically during the workshop and the finished results were very rewarding. These can now also be used as a visual reference in their Science lessons as well as a piece of Art in itself.

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Mission to Mars Summer School

Mission to Mars Summer School launched on July 16th with 20 potential Astrobiologists /Astrophysicists selected from Year 7 Students. Activities included workshops with art and drama, special thanks to Miss Rhodes and Miss Astwood. A trip to the London Science Museum, the highlight being the 3D IMAX cinema, special thanks to Miss Pinsard. The launching of the students' model water rockets was another unforgettable experience despite the weather. Guest speakers included – Hannah from the Space Centre with her amazing Star Dome. The week concluded with an interactive parent versus student competition and presentation of certificates. Mission to Mars was a pleasure for both students and staff.  Students and parents completed evaluation forms : Student comments: “ Excellent “  “The best summer school I have ever been to “ “ I absolutely loved it and want to come again “ Parents comments: “This has been a fab experience you must do it again".


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