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Inclusion (Quality Mark)

Inclusion Quality Mark

Assessment Date: 30th April - 1st May 2015


This is a reassessment report of the IQM award which the school gained in 2012, plus a review of their Flagship status, awarded in 2014.

Sir Jonathan North Community College is, as their Self Evaluation Report (SER) states, “unique in the city and the county with three specialisms: Visual Arts, Science and Mathematics and Applied Learning.” Underpinning these specialisms is a clear commitment to Inclusion. Indeed the College demonstrates, not only through its wide ranging curriculum, but also the vibrant and engaging environment, an inclusive ethos which is understood by all and embedded in all practice.

The most recent Ofsted report (2013), judged the College to be outstanding in all areas, with particular reference to: the quality of teaching, behaviour, student achievement and the “relentless pursuit of excellence by the headteacher, senior leaders and governors.”

The two improvement areas identified in the report have been fully addressed. The marking policy is consistent and encouraging, students are able to act on teacher feedback and understand the advice given.

The staff team have an “in depth” understanding of students based on rigorous assessment and sharing of information. Staff work hard to create an educational provision which can respond to and cater for a wide range of needs. The curriculum is broad and varied and engages and enthuses learners. There is a range of opportunities to learn in the community and the workplace, which help students to develop social confidence, self-esteem and independence. A fully inclusive curriculum for those students identified as having additional and specific needs ensures that they leave the College able to manage on both emotional and practical levels promoting independence and empathy.

The College, through its own rigorous appraisal and performance management systems, supports the professional development and skills of the staff team. Middle leaders are developed and encouraged, the robust appraisal system identifies CPD issues for support staff. There is a sound understanding of the Inclusion agenda by all teaching and support staff and students feel motivated, safe and involved in all aspects of College life. Governors are proactive and forward thinking, strengths which were recognised in the most recent

Ofsted report. Governors are supportive and involved in the day to day activities of the College and the evaluation of its practices.

The College is highly regarded by parents and carers together with residents of the local community. Success and achievement are displayed and celebrated and evident in the caring and positive relationships between all members of the College community. A striking feature of the College environment is the outstanding art work displayed throughout the corridors and shared spaces. The students I spoke to during my visit were clearly proud of their work and showed respect for all areas of the building. There has been significant building work during recent months (BSF funding) and the College now has some outstanding facilities and working environments, together with sympathetic updating of the existing building. The final phase of building should be completed by the end of the year.

During my visit I had full access to all areas, subject to some of the new build restrictions and I met with the following representatives:-

  •  Principal/Head Teacher.

  •  IQM Coordinators.

  •  Student Support Manager.

  •  Members of the Senior Leadership Team.

  •  IAG Manager.

  •  SEAL Coordinator.

  •  School Nurse.

  •  School Counsellor.

  •  Cornerstone representative.

  •  Subject leader (ASDAN, Child development).

  •  Teaching assistants.

  •  Curriculum Team Leader.

  •  Student and Family Support Team Leader.

  •  Parents.

  •  Student Council Executive.

  •  Young Enterprise group.

  •  SENCO.

  •  Governors (SEN and Inclusion), Parent Governor and Support Staff Governor.

  •  Student representatives from FABAD, TAH and Breakfast club.

    I was also able to observe a selection of lessons, including Literacy withdrawal group (Year 7), ASDAN/Child development (Year 11), Homework Club (Years 7-11), Maths (Year 8).

    Documentation in support of the SER was available to me in both hard copy format and also accessible via electronic data. The comprehensive information contained in all elements of the SER was verified during my visit.

    There is a strong evidence base to demonstrate that the values and vision of the College are both carefully planned and robust in their practice. Very strong support from all stakeholders, confidence from the Local Authority, plus a stable and highly skilled staff team will ensure that those same values and visions are embedded and developed as the school continues to grow. All areas are welcoming and the condition of the teaching areas, classrooms, corridors and outside spaces do credit to all the users of the buildings. Teaching

and Learning areas are accessible (lifts installed) well equipped with high quality furniture and fittings whilst displays and decoration make the environment exciting, vibrant and engaging.

The teaching and support staff have clearly been consulted and involved during the IQM process and during my discussions they demonstrated a clear understanding and a drive to embed the inclusion agenda. Robust policies, practice framework and clear evidence show that policies and procedures are collectively understood and implemented. The College works tirelessly to develop successful induction processes for staff and students, together with supportive programmes of transition for students not just arriving at the College but also throughout their time there and for those moving into further education or employment.

All policies are regularly monitored and reviewed. Differentiation is not an “add on” in any area of the College, it is part of the determination to engage and meet the individual needs of all learners. Achievable targets are set, taking account of curriculum requirements, language barriers and social emotional skills.

In continuing their Flagship status the College has identified the following targets for the next twelve months:-

  1. To ensure that the College completes the “Train the Trainer” programme with “Stonewall.” i.e. one member of staff to become an accredited trainer in order to cascade the training, with student ambassadors, into four named feeder primary schools.

  2. To launch the College on site “Satellite School.”

  3. To implement the new “Go for Schools” operating system which will replace SIMS.

I am of the opinion that the College fully meets the standard required by the Inclusion Quality Mark. I recommend that the College be awarded the Mark and be reassessed in 3 years’ time. I am also of the opinion that the College meets the requirements of Flagship status and the agreed targets as listed above should be reviewed in twelve months.

Assessor: Dave Stott
Findings confirmed by Inclusion Quality Mark (UK) Ltd


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