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Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance

There is an extensive programme of careers information, advice and guidance available to assist students in making well informed, realistic decisions about their future studies and career.
The programme includes:
·         Years 8-10 Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) lessons
·         Year 9 What’s My Line? careers event
·         Year 10 work experience
·         Year 10 & 11 lunchtime talks
·         Year 11 Transition Parents’ Evening
·         Year 11 UCAS Progress lessons
·         Connexions Personal Advisor interviews.
Students (and their parents/carers) can make an appointment with the Connexions Personal Advisor to discuss career options, courses, apprenticeships and the implications of their choices on request.

Who to contact:

Information, Advice & Guidance Subject Leader Mrs Claire Greaves
IAG Administrative Assistant Ms Sue Mason
Connexions Personal Advisor Mrs Suzanne Betts-Sanders





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