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The College has developed its reward systems to acknowledge good behaviour, achievement
and effort. Each month teachers identify a student from each class who has been successful with
positive behaviour and all nominated students receive a postcard home.

These rewards operate alongside the systems that are already in place in each subject
area and the college merit systems.

award group photo
This photograph celebrates our achievers at this years end of Key Stage 3 Awards Ceremony

Key Stage 3

awards poster

Merits are awarded to motivate students to produce high quality work by
recognising, rewarding and celebrating their achievements.

Merits are awarded for:
• Consistent good effort / contribution.
• Consistently producing good / improving work.

Academic achievement is measured against the student’s ability – the more able your daughter is the more we expect of her.

Bronze, silver, gold and platinum certificates are awarded for accumulating merits throughout the year (minimum of 15 merits for Bronze to 75 for Platinum).

Key Stage 4

The reward system at KS4 is under review at present. More information about this well be
sent to parents during the academic year.

Whole School:
Certificates are awarded termly for excellent attendance.
A whole school trip is organised for students who behave well during the year.

Please note:
Your daughter will not be allowed on this trip if:

  • she has been excluded from college during the year.
  • she has been removed from lessons on-call on more than 2 occasions.
  • her attendance and/or punctuality are poor.

The Year Team Leader will use his or her discretion to make final decisions with
regard to the trip.

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