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FABAD - Friends Against Bullying and Discrimination

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What is FABAD

FABAD stands for Friends against Bullying and Discrimination is a peer support group for students, run by trained anti-bullying leaders. FABAD club members spread the message that bullying is wrong, celebrate differences and offer support. FABAD was started with the help of Diversity Hub in 1999, and works for a no-prejudice, no injustice world. We meet in mobile 1 on a Tuesday lunchtime.

FABAD aims to teach people to:
1. Recognise and appreciate the different identities each person holds.
2. Feel pride in the groups to which they belong.
3. Understand how stereotyping (pre-judging) results in different groups being mistreated or bullied.
4. Recognise how past mistreatment and hurt results in attacks on others.
5. Develop effective skills in getting involved when there is bullying, prejudice or mistreatment, in a way that bullies are helped to recognise the reasons for their behaviour and to make positive changes.
6. Help to educate others and be supportive to each other.

Text Someone Servive

Sir Jonathan North Community College is pleased to announce that it has now got a new electronic anti-bullying system. This new system is called Text Someone and it allows children and their families to report incidents of bullying in a number of ways. You can still contact the school directly to report an incident or you can now do it online or through text message. To complete an online report all you have to do is go to and click on ‘Report Incident’, choose Sir Jonathan North Community College and fill out the incident sheet. To report an incident via text message text 07781474660 starting your message with 20901 (SJNCC’s code number) and then describe the incident ensuring that you include the following:

     Name of the child being bullied
     Date of birth of the child being bullied
     The class name or year group of the child being bullied
     Any other important information.

Once you have sent your text message you will receive a text letting you know that the school has received the report. Using the information given the school will be able to investigate the incident and act accordingly.

Please contact Jacky Mason (Student Support Manager) if you would like anymore information about this service.

Contact a Trained FABAD Leader

If you are experiencing bullying or have witnessed bullying and you would like to talk to a FABAD Leader or ask any questions by email, please click here. One of our trained leaders will reply to you as soon as possible


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